hullo.  i'm yvonne.  lover of kindness and food.  and spreadsheets.  can't beat a good spreadsheet.

the crafterie is my little corner of the interweb where i collect and sell the lovely crafty stuff and nifty stationery that i find.  as well as attempt to spread some crafty love in the form of tutorials and workshops.

i used to own my very own bricks + mortar bead shop before closing it to welcome a little sprog into the world.  now i run everything here during nap times and after the kiddo has gone to sleep. 

this may be a small operation, but it means that i can look after every aspect of it and ensure that every one of my customers and suppliers are looked after.  it also means that each purchase makes me smile and squeal with delight, and it allows me to take my tot out for a day out adventuring somewhere. and every single purchase is very much appreciated.

i dream of one day getting a little space of my own again and maybe even someone to work with me.  for now, though, i work hard on finding you the best crafty supplies and awesome stationery, because it makes people smile.  and there can never be enough of that.