fabric covered buttons

new into the shop are these diy cover buttons.  they come with a little tool so you can make your own buttons by covering them with fabric.

this is a fab way of using up little scrap pieces of fabric, which, if you're anything like me, you can't bear to throw away. 

first thing is to cut the circles of fabric to use.  if there's a particular part of the pattern on the fabric that you want to appear on the button, use the clear part of the tool to line up the pattern with the button:

 stack the clear part of the tool, then the fabric (faced down), then the rounded part of the button (with the curved part facing down): 

then push the button down into the tool and tuck all the fabric into the back of the button.

check the sides of the tool to see if there are any folds in the fabric. if there are, then just straighten them out by gently pulling the fabric:

now put the back of the button on top with the shank loop facing upwards.  using the red part of the tool, push down on the back of the button until you hear a click:

and that's it.  just check that the fabric edge of the button is visible over the top of the back all the way around, like this:

if so, then you're done.  just pop it out and they're ready to go!

now go and have lots of fun making piles of pretty buttons using up all your scraps of lovely fabric.  double win!

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