new eco-friendly korean stationery from ecobridge

i'm so excited about this new stationery that's just arrived.  it's from the fantastic korean stationery company Ecobridge, which has a really strong stance on being eco-friendly.  something that resonates with me greatly.  it's so great to find a company that makes beautiful products as well as having a strong ethos about something that i care about. 

the stationery is all made out of recycled and/or eco-friendly materials and have mottos and graphics that all have something to do with being gentler and kinder to this amazing planet we inhabit.  they are all really useful and practical too.  although i'm not particularly organised, i love things like memo pads that have tick boxes and places for lists.  i think it's something to do with the compartmentalising of things.  like bento boxes.  they're like the memo pads of food.

anyhoo, i sense that i am starting to waffle.  so, here are just a few of the lovely new things that have just landed, but to see the full range, head over to our website here.

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