diy: wooden magnets tutorial

I love these little magnets and they are so easy to make. All the instructions you need for them are here, but we also have kits available to buy too which include everything you need to make eight of your very own lovely little magnets.

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Other than that, enjoy!  


For the magnets, I used some of our domed wooden buttons in the three larger sizes: 25mm, 40mm and 50mm. I also have them in 12mm but these might be just a tad fiddly, but hey, if you're feeling brave, go ahead and report back!

First thing is to stick the washi tape across the discs to mark out where your paint will be:


Pick your colours and paint away:


Once the paint is dry, tape again to mark the area that you'll cover in the metal leaf:

Apply glue to the disc and just wait a few seconds for the glue to dry a bit.  You don't want it to be completely wet or the foil will just slip around.  But also be careful not to let it dry out completely.  If it does get too dry, just apply a bit more glue.

Now to apply the foil leaf.  This stuff has a mind of its own and likes to just fly away for a wander if you don't show it who's boss.  Gently lay the foil on the glue.  don't worry about wrinkles and don't touch it too much because it tears really, really easily:


Next *very carefully* tear off any excess foil leaving just a little bit of overhang:

Use a clean, dry brush to smooth down the foil.  Don't forget to brush the edges too.  I then tucked the edges behind the disc and use a bit of glue to stick that down.  You could cut it off if you wanted, but just be careful not to tear the foil that you've brushed down.

The last thing is to glue the magnet button to the back of the discs.  I used a glue gun, but you can use superglue or whatever strong glue you have to hand.  One side of the magnet has a small circle dimple in it, this is the side you apply the glue to:


And ta-da! That's it. You should have yourself some very nice little magnets to pretty up your fridge or whiteboard or any other metallic surface that may need a bit of sprucing up.

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