6 beautiful blankets from around the internet

i am a big lover of textures.  i'm also in the market for a new blanket at the moment, which might be why this is more apparent to me at the moment, but i have been loving looking at pictures of beautiful piles of textured blankets and fabrics.  now that winter is just around the corner, i am starting to think about stocking up piles of soft warm blankets to snuggle under while it's grey and cold outside.  in the middle of summer, that's how I imagine winter.  me under a thick wooly blanket with thick woolly socks with a cup of hot chocolate watching something heart-warming on tv, like it's a wonderful life or something.  the reality is usually not quite so romantic, and these days tends to feature the constant picking up of duplo and half chewed food from around the house and furniture.

still, i am going to treat myself to a beautiful blanket, because my kiddos deserve something lovely to wipe their chocolatey mouths on.

cox & cox

crane & canopy

ethan allen
pashmina cachemire
scandinavian design center

not on the high street

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