five of my favourite creative advent calendar ideas

for some reason, advent calendars were something that i looked forward to in motherhood.  i had all these ideas for lovely advent calendars filled with precious little trinkets.  well, this year is the first time we've got one for the kiddo because he was a bit too young to understand the concept in previous years.  though i'm sure that the idea of having to wait until the next day to open the next door will be something he will protest and loudly too.
we ended up getting him a mini thomas the tank engine one this year, which wasn't exactly what i had in mind when I was daydreaming about this perfect mother making beautiful advent calendars.  however, my being heavily pregnant has somewhat affected my productivity and energy levels this year so things have had to fall by the wayside, unfortunately.
still, i have been seeing some beautiful examples of advent calendars and promising to myself that next year I will do better.

ferm living
oh happy day


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