meet our new arrival: baby jesse

hello! yes, still alive! it has been a little while since i managed to post on here. the end of november saw the start of a whirlwind of happenings that is only kind of just letting up now, though not really.

first we had two intense weeks of christmas fairs and markets then a couple of days covering the pop up shop in sheffield's winter gardens. then i had a baby in mid-december, which took up my time somewhat. then there was christmas, then new years.  and then there has also been one hospital stay for me for some post-baby issues, and a hospital stay for new little one too.

i think that takes us to where we are now. even as i write all that, i can't believe it's only been less than two months since my littlest boy came into the world. it has certainly been busy, that's for sure.
well, without wanting to jinx things, i am hoping that things are going to be a little more settled around these parts and i'll be able to get on here more often.  there are some exciting things a-happening in the future and i'm excited to share them with you.  but, to be honest, sometimes it's a huge victory if i manage to brush my teeth and have a shower on any given day so i hope you will be patient with me. 

anyway, i will be back soon, but for now:

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