meet our new arrival: baby jesse

hello! yes, still alive! it has been a little while since i managed to post on here. the end of november saw the start of a whirlwind of happenings that is only kind of just letting up now, though not really.

first we had two intense weeks of christmas fairs and markets then a couple of days covering the pop up shop in sheffield's winter gardens. then i had a baby in mid-december, which took up my time somewhat. then there was christmas, then new years.  and then there has also been one hospital stay for me for some post-baby issues, and a hospital stay for new little one too.

i think that takes us to where we are now. even as i write all that, i can't believe it's only been less than two months since my littlest boy came into the world. it has certainly been busy, that's for sure.
well, without wanting to jinx things, i am hoping that things are going to be a little more settled around these parts and i'll be able to get on here more often.  there are some exciting things a-happening in the future and i'm excited to share them with you.  but, to be honest, sometimes it's a huge victory if i manage to brush my teeth and have a shower on any given day so i hope you will be patient with me. 

anyway, i will be back soon, but for now:

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five of my favourite creative advent calendar ideas

for some reason, advent calendars were something that i looked forward to in motherhood.  i had all these ideas for lovely advent calendars filled with precious little trinkets.  well, this year is the first time we've got one for the kiddo because he was a bit too young to understand the concept in previous years.  though i'm sure that the idea of having to wait until the next day to open the next door will be something he will protest and loudly too.
we ended up getting him a mini thomas the tank engine one this year, which wasn't exactly what i had in mind when I was daydreaming about this perfect mother making beautiful advent calendars.  however, my being heavily pregnant has somewhat affected my productivity and energy levels this year so things have had to fall by the wayside, unfortunately.
still, i have been seeing some beautiful examples of advent calendars and promising to myself that next year I will do better.

ferm living
oh happy day

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some sneak peeks of our party range

the party section of the shop has been sadly neglected of late while i focussed on getting the crafts and stationery sections beefed up and beautiful.  well, we remedied that this week with a oh-so-professional-and-glamorous-sounding "photoshoot" with a friend's cutie pie of a daughter. 
the shoot was really just us, some party bits and bobs, lots of cake and the nerves and anxiety of not really knowing how the little one would co-operate.  ah the joys of working with kids.  but as it turned out, she was a total gem and had a real blast.
so far, theparty section has been mostly made up of gift wrap and parcel tags.  but i am now working on getting all the lovely paper plates, straws and other partyware up, as well as decorations and other fun stuff.
here are some pics from the shoot anyway.  i think you'll agree that little flo is just a bit too adorable, and that our party section is about to get a whole lot prettier.

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6 beautiful blankets from around the internet

i am a big lover of textures.  i'm also in the market for a new blanket at the moment, which might be why this is more apparent to me at the moment, but i have been loving looking at pictures of beautiful piles of textured blankets and fabrics.  now that winter is just around the corner, i am starting to think about stocking up piles of soft warm blankets to snuggle under while it's grey and cold outside.  in the middle of summer, that's how I imagine winter.  me under a thick wooly blanket with thick woolly socks with a cup of hot chocolate watching something heart-warming on tv, like it's a wonderful life or something.  the reality is usually not quite so romantic, and these days tends to feature the constant picking up of duplo and half chewed food from around the house and furniture.

still, i am going to treat myself to a beautiful blanket, because my kiddos deserve something lovely to wipe their chocolatey mouths on.

cox & cox

crane & canopy

ethan allen
pashmina cachemire
scandinavian design center

not on the high street
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new eco-friendly korean stationery from ecobridge

i'm so excited about this new stationery that's just arrived.  it's from the fantastic korean stationery company Ecobridge, which has a really strong stance on being eco-friendly.  something that resonates with me greatly.  it's so great to find a company that makes beautiful products as well as having a strong ethos about something that i care about. 

the stationery is all made out of recycled and/or eco-friendly materials and have mottos and graphics that all have something to do with being gentler and kinder to this amazing planet we inhabit.  they are all really useful and practical too.  although i'm not particularly organised, i love things like memo pads that have tick boxes and places for lists.  i think it's something to do with the compartmentalising of things.  like bento boxes.  they're like the memo pads of food.

anyhoo, i sense that i am starting to waffle.  so, here are just a few of the lovely new things that have just landed, but to see the full range, head over to our website here.

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kitchen skincare workshop in collaboration with Lovely Cosmetics

way back in july we hosted our first ever workshop, together with the wonderfully talented caz from Lovely Cosmetics.  under caz's expert tutelage, all the guests made a lip scrub, face mask, hair mask and body scrub, all of which were tailored to their specific needs.
the workshop taught how you could use everyday ingredients from supermarket shelves to make your own bespoke skincare products.  caz was a fab, and very entertaining, tutor who gave tons of info on what the properties of all these wonderful ingredients were and also explained what the big science-y words they use on adverts *really* meant.
of course, the workshop had to also offer some delicious locally baked goodies, agua fresca and a selection of different teas from mugen teahouse.
caz brought along some of her bestsellers for the ladies to peruse and try out.
and everyone left with a little goodie bag with lots of locally made treats and trinkets. 
i had a fantastic time organising the workshop for everyone and the ladies all had a really great time too.  looking forward to work on the next workshop now.  i have a few ideas but nothing confirmed, but if you'd like to find out about our workshops, join our mailing list here.
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