I’m Yvonne and I am The Crafterie. Back in 2014, heavily pregnant with kiddo numero uno, I decided to open up a shop selling a few of my favouritest things: back then those things were craft stuff and nifty stationery. As time went on, it turned out that I also loved to make parties and any gathering of people look as amazing as poss. So, I also added pretty party ware to the shop.

As we (the royal we) grew, I found that I was spending all my time running a shop and none of it creatively. Not what I had wanted. So, in 2018, I decided to close the shop down and focus on coming up with beautiful and inspiring, and most importantly, creative content and to sell products that complemented this focus.

So come on in, stay a while, take a look around. I really hope you enjoy what I have to show you.